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Top 5 Dental Visit Tips for Busy People

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Top 5 Dental Visit Tips for Busy People

  1. Schedule Online

  2. Sign Up For Text Message Appointment Reminders

  3. Avoid Monday and Friday Appointments

  4. Avoid Appointments Around Major Holidays

  5. Schedule the First Appointment of the Day



  1. Schedule Online

“I need to schedule a cleaning for my husband.” There’s no telling when that thought will pop into your head; maybe it will be in the evening, maybe it will be on a Sunday.  Instead of waiting until the office reopens, hop online and use our online tool to request an appointment for you and your family members. You’ll be able to request the date and time that works best for you. Then a member of our team will contact you via email or phone on the next business day to confirm that your appointment is scheduled or to help find the next available opening that works for you. The key is you can initiate the appointment request 24 hours a day/7 days a week – whenever you have the thought.

  1. Sign Up For Text Message Appointment Reminders

On a busy day it can be easy for your dental appointment to slip your mind. We can help ensure that doesn’t happen by getting your cell phone number entered into our text message appointment reminder system. We’ll send you a short text a few days before your appointment and one more on the day of your appointment. It’s a simple way to help you stay on top of your schedule.

  1. Mondays and Fridays

Mondays and Fridays are usually the two busiest days of the week in our office. Our Monday schedule can sometimes get very busy as we try to work in people who developed toothaches or other dental emergencies over the weekend. By the same token, our Friday schedule can sometime get extremely full because not many dentists are open on Fridays and people who have a toothache or dental emergency call in and ask if there’s any way they can be seen by the dentist before the weekend.  Just knowing this important so you can understand factors we may be working around as we try to find an appointment time that works for you:)

  1. Appointments Around Major Holidays

Holidays are typically very busy at our office for a number of reasons.

-We get a rush of college students who come home and get their wisdom teeth out or come in for cleanings.

-In November and December people with remaining dental insurance coverage come in to have dental work done before their insurance resets in January. SMART!!!

-Many dentist offices are closed around the holidays, which means we see an increase in dental emergency calls from people searching the valley for someone who can see them.

But, have no fear! We do our very best to accommodate your busy holiday schedule as well as ours, and we’re happy to see your Crazy Aunt Suzie who’s flown in from Texas and had her crown fell off while eating corn on the cob dinner.

  1. Schedule the First Appointment of the Day

By securing the first appointment of the day you are ensuring that factors such as appointments that take longer than expected, patients who show up late, etc. haven’t thrown off the doctor’s schedule. You can anticipate getting seen on time and getting on with your day without delays.




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