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While you may not think of going to the dentist for your Botox or dermal filler treatment, the Boise Family Dental Care team is here to provide these cosmetic dentistry services. Whether you want to plump the appearance of your lips or reduce facial wrinkles, our team can help you achieve your ideal appearance with ease.

What Are Botox and Dermal Fillers?

While Botox and dermal fillers can both help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, these treatment options have slightly different uses. Botox is a muscle relaxer that can treat migraines and TMJ, as well as offer cosmetic benefits. Using Botox to treat dynamic wrinkles will relax the muscles near the wrinkles to reduce their appearance. Dermal fillers, however, are mainly for plumping the soft tissues in the face. You can also receive dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of scars.


Botox vs. Dermal Fillers

When choosing between Botox or dermal fillers, the best option for you will depend on factors such as the treatment area, your goals and your risk factors. As with all cosmetic treatments, Botox and dermal fillers are not one-size-fits-all solutions, and you may need both treatments to achieve your ideal results.

We begin all treatments at Boise Family Dental Care by learning more about your specific goals. Whether you want to treat static wrinkles or plump your lips, our team is happy to talk to you and learn how we can best cater our treatment options to meet your needs.


Maximizing the Effects of Botox and Fillers

One of the main concerns you may have with undergoing Botox or dermal fillers is how long each treatment will last. With Botox, patients generally see effects within a week of their injection. The overall effects last three to four months, and you may need to undergo additional treatment if you want to maintain your results.

The effects of dermal fillers can last longer than Botox. However, the specific timeline of results will vary based on the type of filler you choose. Regardless of your choice, our team has extensive experience with both types of treatment and will take the time to explain their effectiveness and which will offer the most benefit for your needs.


Why Choose a Dentist for Botox and Dermal Fillers?

Don’t worry if you thought that; we hear it all the time. But there are four great reasons a dentist should be your first choice when you are considering Botox or Dermal fillers:

  1. Dentists have more facial anatomy training than most other medical professionals and significantly more training than day spa estheticians.
  2. Dentists are very detail oriented and most dental procedures require extreme attention to detail and precision.
  3. Dentists are experts at giving injections.


Schedule Your Botox or Dermal Filler Appointment at Boise Family Dental Care

Restore and rejuvenate your appearance with Botox and dermal fillers from Boise Family Dental Care. We understand visiting our office for cosmetic care can be intimidating, and we’re here to help you feel at ease and confident in our treatment process. Our team members will explain every step of the process and are happy to pause or reevaluate if your comfort level changes.

To schedule an appointment with our Botox dentist in Boise, Idaho, we invite you to call us or use our online scheduling form today!