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What is the Treatment for a Broken or Chipped Tooth?

Immediate at-home fix for broken tooth: If the there is any bleeding or swelling you can apply a cold pack to the outside of the cheek.

  • If your tooth is chipped or cracked it is at risk to fracture and break.
  • If your tooth has already broken it’s structural integrity is impaired and is at hight risk to break again.

To prevent further damage and pain you need to call our office immediately and schedule an appointment to fix your tooth.

Likely Repair Options

  • If the crack or chip is minor it can often be quickly and easily fixed and the tooth can be saved.
  • A broken tooth will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine what the best treatment is. Some broken teeth can be salvaged and others cannot.  This decision will be based on issues such as whether the break affects the tooth structure above and below the gums, and whether the nerve or “root” of the tooth has been damaged.

FYI – Don’t bother bringing any pieces of the tooth you have with you. We do not cement on fragments of tooth because they are likely to chip off again.