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What Is the Treatment for a Broken or Chipped Tooth?

Although a broken tooth might be painless, it requires prompt attention from a qualified dental professional. A chip or crack indicates damage to the tooth’s hard enamel outer shell, exposing the soft inner tissue to infections and other issues.

A complete break can create a more serious situation. You may experience bleeding or swelling that requires immediate treatment. The break will also impair the tooth’s structural integrity, increasing its risk of breaking again.

The various broken tooth repair options depend on the situation:

  • Crack: It’s often possible to repair a cracked tooth, especially if the damage is minor. However, depending on its size and location, a crack can be difficult to reach and fix. Let your dentist perform a full diagnosis and implement the most effective treatment.
  • Chip: A chipped tooth is typically less urgent, but it still requires treatment to prevent it from expanding and worsening over time.
  • Break: The treatment for a broken tooth varies based on the circumstances. Sometimes, the dentist can salvage the tooth if there is no damage to the structure above and below the gums. A more extensive break may require extracting the remainder of the tooth to prevent further damage to the rest of the mouth.

Additional methods are often necessary to complete a broken tooth repair. For example, your dentist may recommend installing a crown to cap, cover and seal the tooth. They can also apply dental veneers to cover teeth with small cracks or install a dental implant to replace your extracted tooth.

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