Teeth are extracted for a variety of reasons:

  • The tooth is broken too badly to restore with a filling or crown
  • The tooth is infected and the patient chooses not to do a root canal
  • The tooth needs to be removed because of overcrowding in the mouth

The cost for an extraction will vary based on whether the extraction is a simple extraction or a surgical extraction.

Simple Extraction: The doctor is able to loosen the tooth and pull it from the mouth in one piece.

Surgical Extraction: A surgical extraction may be necessary if the tooth is broken off below the gum line or breaks into pieces during the extraction. The dentist will need to make a small incision into the gums and possibly also the bone around the tooth to be able to get the entire tooth out. A surgical extraction takes longer to recover from.


Root Canal and Crown may be an alternative for people who have an infection of the tooth.

See our Tooth Extraction Post Procedure Instructions.