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Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

When most people think of orthodontics they think of adolescents getting braces to make their teeth look good.  While that is a  worthwhile and common reason for orthodontics, there a few other reasons why orthodontics is extremely important and should even be considered by adults who have misaligned teeth.

1. Appearance

There’s no denying the immediate impact of a beautiful smile and having straight teeth makes a huge difference.

2. Oral Health

When teeth are crowded and misaligned they are much harder to effectively clean and floss.  Less than optimal cleaning of teeth can lead to gum disease and cavities.

3. Function and Comfort

In dentistry, the way upper and lower teeth come together is called the bite.  Another extremely common reason to get orthodontics is to correct over bites, under bites, or cross bites.

Why is a bad bite a big problem? First, it has the possibility of leading to discomfort and jaw pain or TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) pain.  Second, it can also cause a few individual teeth to bear the brunt of your bite force instead of spreading the force across many teeth.  Teeth which are subjected to excessive forces repeatedly over years are much more likely to crack and break; leading to the need for dental crowns.

Concerned About the Cost of Orthodontics?

For some people finances are the primary reason they haven’t looked into orthodontics.  Thankfully, most dental insurances have an orthodontic benefit, which would make your treatment much more affordable than you think!  Additionally,  we work hard to keep the price of our orthodontics extremely competitive with other providers in the valley.  Please feel free to contact a few other providers and compare our fees.  Finally, we are happy to provide Care Credit in our office to allow you to make payments, typically at 0% or low % interest (subject to credit approval by Care Credit corp.).

Free Consultations

If you’re curious about getting orthodontics for yourself or a family member please don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule a free consultation.  We’ll take the time to create a custom orthodontic plan for you and answer any questions you may have.

Remember straight teeth are more than beautiful – they’re healthy!!