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    Weekend Dental Emergency Tips

    Weekend Dental Emergency Tips This weekend our office will be closing early on Friday and taking Monday off so we wanted to give you some information about how to handle the most common dental emergencies while we’re away.   How to Treat a Toothache Swelling Swelling likely indicates an active infection that will require antibiotics.

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  • Latest Dental X-ray Tech: Nomad Pro

    Dental x-rays have come a long way and at Boise Family Dental Care we use the latest in dental x-ray technology. The wireless handheld Nomad Pro x-ray is the dental x-ray system of choice for Boise dentist Dr. Crump and his team.   The Nomad Pro Versus Conventional Wall Mounted X-ray Systems?   Convenience and

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  • Who’s Helping Who?

    With the permission of his family we’d like to tell you a little bit about one of our favorite patients: Brett.   We’ve been caring for Brett’s dental needs for a number of years. When Brett’s name shows up on our schedule we count down the hours until he arrives and can’t wait to see

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  • Raise Your Tooth Brushing IQ

    You can become a tooth brushing genius by doing these four things. 1. Ditch the hard/medium bristled toothbrushes 2. Brush long enough and all the right places 3. Use the correct brushing motion 4. Don’t favor one side of the mouth

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  • 2016 Best of Treasure Valley Voting Open

    *Updated – This link takes you to the voting page  The voting period has begun for the Idaho Statesman’s 2016 Best of Treasure Valley.  We appreciate all the votes we got last year and are thankful to be in the running again this year.    Click to follow this link and be taken to the voting

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  • When Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out

    Most children begin loosing their baby teeth between the ages of five and seven, but there are a number of reasons children’s baby teeth sometimes don’t fall out.   Why Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out?   The first answer to that question lies in understanding what causes baby teeth to fall out. Simply put, when

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