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Cosmetic vs. Regular Crowns

There is no difference between a cosmetic crown and a regular crown with regards to quality, appearance, or price at our office. We give our patients the very best every time! Unfortunately, insurance companies draw a distinction:

Regular Crown: Getting your crown due to a dental need (for example, as the final step after a root canal)

Cosmetic Crown (Elective Crown): Choosing to get a crown to improve the appearance of your smile. A cosmetic crown can:

  • Instantly correct misaligned teeth
  • Permanently correct discolored teeth
  • Instantly close gaps in teeth (instead of using orthodontics)

Pros and Cons of Getting a Crown through Boise Family Dental Care


  • Quick – With our CEREC™ machine we can create beautiful, permanent crowns in one visit
  • Stunning Results See our Before and After Gallery
  • Crowns are less likely than veneers to fall off and need to be cemented again.
  • Our crowns are 100% ceramic so you will never see the grey line around the gums caused by porcelain fused to metal crowns.
  • With approximately 20 shades of porcelain and an additional 15 shades of glaze we can match any tooth.


  • Crowns are typically more expensive than veneers
  • The underlying tooth must be cut away to prepare the tooth for a crown

Case Study

This gentleman had a severely discolored lower front tooth. After feeling self-conscious about it for years he finally elected to get a cosmetic crown to improve the appearance of his smile. We used our CEREC™ machine and sent him home the same day with a gorgeous new crown. He is thrilled with the result and wishes he’d done it sooner!

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