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Having dental insurance is ideal, but many dental insurances have limited coverage so you’re not missing out as much as you think. Confused? Read on!

If you don’t have dental insurance the best way to avoid expensive dental procedures is to take care of your teeth with good oral hygiene and regular cleanings and checkups. Yes, good solid dental advice, but if you don’t have insurance that can seem tough so we’ll show you some options to help you out.

First, if you don’t have dental insurance don’t worry too much. Dental insurance and medical insurance are quite different in many ways. While medical insurance pays for a large percentage of your medical expenses after you meet your deductible (say, 60-90%) dental insurance usually pays a smaller portion of the cost for the more expensive types of dental care (aka major services in insurance company jargon). Plus, dental insurance has annual maximums which mean the dental insurance company quits paying for dental care after a certain dollar amount is reached each year. So while you are missing out on a some help with the cost of your dentistry, it’s probably less than you think.

We wrote a couple of blog posts for dental insurance FAQ that goes into greater detail if you want to learn all about how dental insurance works. We tried not to make them too dry and technical, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

If you’d rather skip the blog and cut to the chase here’s our best recommendations for people with no dental insurance. Using these three options we can get most people the dentistry they need within their budget without insurance.

We offer a dental discount plan to our patients with no dental insurance to ensure they can maintain the health of their teeth and gums and also provide a discount for dental treatment if they need it.

1. Boise Family Dental Care Discount Plan vs. Typical Dental Insurance

Boise Family Dental Care Discount PlanAverage Dental insurance
2 Exams a YearIncluded; No Additional Cost100% Coverage typical, but varies by insurance
Cleanings Twice a yearIncluded; No Additional Cost*
(* additional fees may apply to deep cleanings)
100% Coverage typical, but varies by insurance
X-raysIncluded; No Additional Cost100% Coverage typical, but varies by insurance
Basic Services:
(Fillings; Extractions;
Root Canals; Scaling/Deep
30% Discount until annual maximum of $2,000 met.Typically 80% coverage until annual maximum met, but varies by insurance. No coverage after annual maximum met.
Major Services20% Discount until annual maximum of $2,000 met.
*dental implants excluded due to our already low regular price.
Typically 50% until annual maximum met,
but varies by insurance. No coverage after annual maximum met.
Annual Maximum Benefit$2,000Varies widely $500-$3,000 typical
Cost$400.00 or $40/Month for First Person
$300.00 or $30/Month for Each Additional*automatic withdrawal will be done if monthly option is chosen
Varies widely by insurance
ExclusionsPre-existing treatment; Botox; Juvederm; Dental Implants; Whitening; Conscious Sedation Fee, OrthodonticsBotox; Juvederm; Whitening;
procedures are typical
*Other exclusions vary by insurance
ProvisionsServices must be paid in full at time of service; Discount cannot be combined with insurance or other discounts or promotions; The program is non-transferable to another individual; Benefits are effective for one year from the date the plan is purchased; If Care Credit is used no discount will be applied. Waiting period may apply, call office for details.The Patient Loyalty Program is a 12 month contract. If you fail to pay your monthly payments your contract will be voided and your services will be charged without discounts.Provisions vary by
Insurance providers.

2. Staggered Treatment Options

While it would be great to get you in and fix every single tooth and all your gum disease at once, we understand that might not be realistic for your wallet. We can work with you to create a plan that lets you stagger your dental procedures over months or years to gradually restore your oral health. The most important thing is to pick one or two problem areas and get started. The longer you wait the worse your teeth and gums will get…which could lead to more expensive procedures. Don’t delay!

3. Financing and Payment Options

See our financing and payment options.

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