Our Dental Root Canal Service

Root canals are some of the most common dental procedures, with over 15 million teeth undergoing this treatment each year. Technological advances have made root canals relatively painless, with many patients reporting experiencing little to no pain during the procedure.

At Boise Family Dental Care, we understand visiting the dentist for a root canal can be stressful, especially if it’s your first one. Luckily, our team has years of experience performing root canals in Boise and will ensure you are comfortable at every step.


Why Is a Root Canal Done?

A root canal is done when tooth decay penetrates to the center of the tooth and has infected the tooth pulp (Psst… if the dentist diagnoses a cavity don’t procrastinate getting the filling. You need to prevent the decay from spreading so you don’t need a root canal). Left untreated, the infection can spread to the jawbone, adjacent teeth, and even the bloodstream.

A root canal may also be needed if a tooth is severely broken.

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About Our Service

When you visit our office for your root canal, you will meet with our endodontist or root canal dental specialist. Since this procedure involves surgery, we will use anesthesia to help you stay comfortable throughout the process.

In previous years, a root canal would consist of multiple long treatments. Thanks to recent advancements in technologies and techniques, most patients can complete the process in a single visit. However, if more than one tooth requires a root canal or you have an infection, you may need to schedule additional visits.


Our Service Benefits

Root canal procedures are some of the more accessible tooth treatment options, and they offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Relieving toothache pain: A root canal cleans away damaged nerves and bacteria that may be causing your toothache. You will also receive anesthesia during your procedure to ensure it’s virtually painless.
  • Stopping the spread of infection: If you have an infection, it will not end at a single tooth but spread to other teeth or body parts, which can negatively impact your overall health. Undergoing a root canal can stop an infection in its tracks and prevent future issues.
  • Saving the natural tooth: A root canal aims to protect your teeth without needing to use implants or other prosthetics, making it a great option to preserve your natural smile.
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What Happens During a Root Canal?

The doctor will numb the area around the infected tooth and isolate the tooth using a plastic barrier called a dental dam. Then he will remove the infected pulp and fill the hole with medication and a special filling material. You will need to get a crown to cover the top of your tooth.


  • Relieves severe toothache pain related to tooth infection
  • Stops the spread of infection to the jawbone, adjacent teeth, and the bloodstream
  • The natural tooth is saved


  • May take more than one visit to complete if the infection is severe enough to need a few days of treatment with antibiotics before it can be permanently closed.
  • Requires a crown to finish the restoration of the tooth


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At Boise Family Dental Care, we want to change how you think about visiting your dentist’s office. Our kind and compassionate staff will take the time to get to know you as a person and your dental preferences so that we can offer personalized care. As our patient, you are always our priority, and we are happy to sit down and answer any questions to ensure you feel confident and comfortable before starting procedures such as a root canal.

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