sedation services

Sedation dentistry has revolutionized the way people experience going to the dentist.

Gone are the days of stress and anxiety related to dental treatment.


  • Makes dental visits easy for patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety.
  • Sedation can be done with a pill…no shots!
  • Excellent option for people who have difficulty getting numb.
  • Makes lengthy procedures feel like they only took a few minutes.
  • Some patients report no memory of the dental visit…and they love that!


  • Patients must arrange for someone to drive them to their appointment and pick them up when they are done.
  • Patients will have lingering drowsiness and will not be able to return to work or school, and cannot drive for the remainder of the day.

What to Expect

All sedation patients have two appointments: a Consultation Visit and a Treatment Visit.

  • Consultation visit – The patient meets with the doctor to discuss his/her dental needs and creates a plan for treatment.
  • Treatment visit – The patient takes the first dose of sedating medication 1 hour prior to his/her appointment. By the time he arrives he’s already beginning to feel relaxed. The patient is given a second dose of medication and once fully relaxed treatment begins. During the entire procedure the patient’s vital signs are constantly monitored and a staff member is always present with the patient. Once the treatment is complete the patient is driven home by whomever accompanied him and spends the remainder of the day resting and recovering.