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*All images are actual Boise Family Dental Care patients.


CEREC™ Bridge

We replaced this gentleman’s missing tooth using our CEREC™ to build him a crown in one visit. It turned out fantastic! Can you tell which teeth are part of the bridge?

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Bridge #2

In the before picture you can see how the teeth on either side of the missing tooth have been reshaped in preparation for the crowns that will hold the false tooth in place. This bridge was also done using our 3D CAD/CAM CEREC™ and the patient went home with the final bridge in one visit.

bridge before after


Crown #1

Our goal with crowns is to make the crown look as natural as possible. See how well the new tooth blends in with the natural teeth. You never want a dentist to put in a tooth that is colored lighter than your natural teeth because it would look like a piece of Chiclet gum in place of a tooth (not good).

crown 1 before after

Crown #2

Another natural looking crown restoration.

crown before after 6

Crown #3

Sometimes a tooth can be fractured so severely it cannot be fixed with a filling. This tooth was repaired with a crown we built using our 3D CAD/CAM CEREC™ machine. It blends perfectly with the natural teeth and was done in one visit.

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Crown #4

This patient had an old crown that had come off (the skinny tooth in the front) and also had an old root canal that was failing (two teeth to the right of the skinny tooth). Both teeth were replaced with a CEREC™ crown and turned out great!

crown before after1

Crown #5

This tooth had an old filling that was failing and the tooth had also fractured beyond repair. Dr. Crump replaced the tooth with a CEREC™ crown.

crown before after 41

Crown #6

This patient had a severely discolored tooth and chose to replace it for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Crump created a beautiful CEREC™ crown and the patient was thrilled with the dramatic improvement in his smile!

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Cosmetic Veneers

This patient’s smile was totally transformed using veneers! Veneers are a thin layer of ceramic that is adhered to the front of the tooth. Veneers are more fragile than crowns. People who grind their teeth are not good candidates for veneers because nightly teeth grinding increases the likelihood that the veneers will come off.

veneers before after