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Latest Dental X-ray Tech: Nomad Pro

Latest Dental X-ray Tech: Nomad Pro

Dental x-rays have come a long way and at Boise Family Dental Care we use the latest in dental x-ray technology. The wireless handheld Nomad Pro x-ray is the dental x-ray system of choice for Boise dentist Dr. Crump and his team.


The Nomad Pro Versus Conventional Wall Mounted X-ray Systems?


Convenience and Comfort for Patients


Conventional X-ray: In offices with wall mounted x-ray systems the hygienist positions the x-ray head and then goes to an adjoining room to activate the x-ray machine. The hygienist running in and out is repeated over and over until all the images needed are captured.


Nomad X-ray: With the hand held Nomad our hygienist don’t need to leave the room and the x-rays done in seconds instead of minutes.


Image Accuracy


Conventional X-ray: If the patient or x-ray arm move while the hygienist is away activating the x-ray machine the images won’t turn out correctly and will need to be retaken.


Nomad X-ray: The hygienist is able to position the Nomad in exactly the right spot and hold it there while the image is being captured. The number of retakes are reduced dramatically.



Use During Dental Surgeries


Conventional X-ray: Positioning the x-ray arm is sometimes tricky once the procedure has begun and the patient is laid back.


Nomad X-ray: Easily positioned to the perfect angle for taking additional images part way through dental surgeries.


Using the Nomad Pro in our office provides our patients with the quickest and most accurate dental x-rays and helps us fulfill our mission of always having a patient-focused practice.   Additionally, it brings the benefits of the latest in dental technology to the Treasure Valley.


We invite you to call today and come see why Boise Family Dental Care is one of Southwest Idaho’s leading dental practices.


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