boise dentistFun Facts About Idaho’s Capital City

How many of these Boise facts did you already know?

  1. The distinctive bright blue Smurf Turf in Albertsons Stadium was the first non-green field in all of American football. A few other schools have since followed the Broncos’ example.
  2. After complaints by other teams, the Mountain West Conference banned the Broncos from wearing their all-blue uniforms for home games, claiming they gained an unfair advantage by blending in with the blue turf.
  3. National Geographic crowned us the number one Adventure City in the country.
  4. Every New Year’s Eve, unlike cities that drop a giant glass ball to ring in the new year, our city drops a giant Idaho potato.
  5. The name Boise comes from French Canadian fur trappers who set their traps by in the woods by the Boise River. “Les bois” is French for “the trees.”
  6. Bike Magazine named us the top mountain biking town in the country.
  7. Joe Albertson, founder of the Albertsons grocery chain, lived most of his life in Boise and opened the first Albertson’s Food Center at 16th and State Street.
  8. The city is home to the second-largets Basque population in the US, with 15,000 Basque residents in the Basque Block.
  9. The Old Idaho Penitentiary is open to public tours and is rumored to be very haunted.
  10. A nine-foot statute of Abraham Lincoln sits in Julia Davis Park, the third largest seated statue of the 16th president.

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Check Out a Local Escape Room

A fun place even Boise locals might not know about is Escape This Boise. Will you and your friends or family be able to get out within 60 minutes? There are multiple rooms to choose from depending on what kind of experience you want to have and how experienced your group is at solving these puzzles, but either way, expect a fun challenge! You and your friends, family, or coworkers could explore Blackbeard’s pirate ship, attempt a heist in the Wild West, go on a jungle adventure, pass the wizard’s final exam, survive the zombie apocalypse, or help out in Santa’s workshop.

Top image by Wikimedia Commons user Jyoni Shuler used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.