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Who’s Helping Who?

Who’s Helping Who?

With the permission of his family we’d like to tell you a little bit about one of our favorite patients: Brett.Boise Family Dental Care, Boise Dentist, Lobby, Dental Office, Dental Assistant, Special Needs Dental Patient, Dentist in Boise


We’ve been caring for Brett’s dental needs for a number of years. When Brett’s name shows up on our schedule we count down the hours until he arrives and can’t wait to see him. We’ve even enjoyed the chance to spend time with Brett outside the office. For instance, once a year Dr. Crump takes Brett for a burger in Dr. Crump’s truck because Brett LOVES trucks, or when Brett’s invited our staff to his birthday parties and we’ve shared in the celebrations. The moments we spend with Brett are truly a joy.


To the outside observer Brett appears to have special needs and face an assortment of challenges. But as we’ve come to know him, we’ve learned that the roles are in fact reversed; he’s gifted and we are the ones who are challenged.


-He is gifted with a heart that is wide open and loves freely.

-He is gifted to still have the wonder and enthusiasm for life that we tend to leave behind in our childhood.

-He is gifted with a soul that is without guile and pure.


We are so drawn to Brett and his family because spending time with them inspires us to be better, love freely, and live joyfully.


We may give Brett check ups and take care of his dental needs, but he does so much more for us than we could ever do for him. Thank you Brett for being a part of our practice and a part of our lives!




Dear Brett,

Thanks for bringing in your Peeps this Easter to share with us. Seriously, who else brings their dentist office CANDY!?!  That was just awesome!


Boise Family Dental Care

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