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Phase 1 Orthodontics: Ages 5-12

Why should children be evaluated for orthodontics as young as five?

Shortened Treatment Time

Children that start with Phase One treatment are likely to spend less time in fixed braces when the adult teeth come into the mouth.

Facial Development Timeline

By age 12, 90% of the child’s face has developed.  By guiding facial development earlier through the use of functional appliances, 80% of the treatment can be corrected before the adult teeth are present.

Underdeveloped Jaw Correction

Almost 50% of children who need orthodontic treatment due to a bad bite have underdeveloped lower jaws. Functional appliances can reposition the lower jaw forward, improve the child’s profile, and correct bite problems in approximately 7-9 months.


Younger children, between ages 8-11, are often more cooperative than children 12-14.

Phase One Treatment Can Often Prevent

  • Removal of adult teeth
  • Fang like tooth appearance
  • Lengthy use of braces
  • Speech difficulties
  • Crooked teeth
  • Low self-esteem

The Use of Functional Appliances Can:

  • Facilitate healthy jaw/joint position
  • Establish a productive airway
  • Facilitate speech development
  • Eliminate initial crowding of permanent teeth
  • Develop the dental arch to make space for adult teeth
  • Fix bite problems
  • Correct bad habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrust
  • Initiate correction of deep overbites
  • Limit amount of time in “braces”

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