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Dental Bridge

Why is a dental bridge used?

Dental bridges are used to fill the gap when one or more teeth are missing. A crown is placed on each tooth adjacent to the gap and a false tooth is “welded” between them. For example, if one tooth was missing, a dental bridge replacing three teeth would be made. If two teeth were missing, the bridge would span four teeth.

Utilizing our CEREC™ machine most bridges can be completed while you wait in one appointment.


Boise Dental Bridge

Bridge created in our office using our Cerac technology

  • Quick – Completed in one visit
  • Long track record and high degree of success


  • Healthy tooth material must be cut away from the adjacent teeth that will support the bridge
  • Because the bridge is not anchored into bone, the bone beneath the bridge may weaken and the gum tissue around the bridge may recede over time
  • Bridges put additional pressure and stress on the adjacent teeth that support it and may put them at increased risk for future problems



Dental bridge picture by Dr. Crump in Boise, Idaho

A dental bridge by Boise Family Dental Care