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FAQ About Dental Insurance

1. When do I pay my deductible?

Your deductible is paid at the first restorative service. There is usually no deductible for a routine cleaning appointment.

2. Do you contract with my dental insurance company?

We contract with most major companies. See a list of the major dental insurance companies we accept here. If we are not contracted with your dental insurance company you are responsible for the difference between what the insurance company reimburses and our office fee. The difference is usually minimal.

3. When does my dental insurance renew?

Most insurance companies renew in January, but many renew on a different month. Check with your insurance company to be sure when yours renews.

4. How much does dental insurance usually cover?

Many insurance companies cover 100% of regular routine cleaning, exams, and x-rays.
Many insurance companies cover 80% on basic services; Extractions, Root canals, Fillings, etc.
Many insurance companies cover 50% on major services; Crowns, Bridges, Crown build-ups, Dentures.
Check your insurance policy to verify your benefits.

5. I am on a limited income and can’t afford much. Are there ways for me to make payments?

We offer multiple Financing Options

6. What happens when I reach my calendar year maximum and still need treatment?

If you get any more treatment before your insurance calendar year renews you will be responsible for the cost of that treatment. Your dental insurance company will not pay anymore until your insurance renews. But, you will only be charged at the rates we have negotiated with your insurance.

7. Is the cost of my cleaning deducted from my calendar year maximum?

Routine cleanings are usually covered at 100%, but that 100% is still deducted out of your calendar year maximum.

8. What is a composite downgrade?

A composite downgrade means your insurance will only pay the cost of an amalgam filling (silver filling). The patient is responsible to pay the difference between the amalgam cost and the composite (white filling).